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ATEX Emergency Lighting Luminaire

Maintained / Non-Maintained

ATEX is a flameproof luminaire for workplaces which have a risk of explosion. It is equipped with a magnetic iron ballast and an emergency kit which allows it to be lit in the event of a blackout. The XEP model is equipped with an automatic power switch in event of the accidental opening of the cable-entrance compartment. Compliant with ATEX Zone 1 + Zone 2(explosive atmospheres) EE X 'D' flameproof regulations.



Lamps: 8W, 2x8W Duration: 3h Type: N/M, M Functions: XEL, XEP

Compliant to the norms: EN 55015; EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 61000-3-2;EN 61000-3-3; EN 61547


IP66-IP67 IK08


ATEX Flameproof Emergency Luminaire Dimensions

Dimensions: L:455mm, H:205mm / 250mm


Product Code   Description   Duration   Lamp Type
AT108N30EGS-L   Non-Maintained   3 Hours   8W (XEL)
AT208N30AGS-L   Maintained   3 Hours   2x8W (XEL)
AT108N30EGS-P   Non-Maintained   3 Hours   8W (XEP)
AT208N30AGS-P   Maintained   3 Hours   2x8W (XEP)


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Specification Sheets, Manuals, IES & LDT Files available upon request





ATEX Flameproof Emergency Lighting Luminaire