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BIG ONE (over-size) - Emergency Exit Sign

Maintained - Visual Range 60m - 80m

The signalling luminaires of BIG ONE series are designed for large indoor settings(factories, garages, warehouses) where it is necessary to read the signal up to 80 meters.

The light source used is the LED that provides 100,000 hours of operation while lowering the costs of management and maintenance for energy saving.

The body is made of white painted metal, pictograms PVC are included in the package and can be customized and used as single or double-sided.

Compliant to the norms: EN 1838; EN 55015; EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 61000-3-2;EN 61000-3-3; EN 61547; EN 7010





BIG ONE Dimensions

Dimensions (80m): L:840mm, H:472mm, H:72mm

Dimensions (60m): L:646mm, H:377mm, H:76mm


Product Code   Description   Duration   Lamp Type
BG60N30ABR   Maintained (60M)   3 Hours   LED
BG80N30ABR   Maintained (80M)   3 Hours   LED


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Specification Sheets, Manuals, IES & LDT Files available upon request





BIG ONE Emergency Exit Sign