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NANO LED Emergency Lighting Luminaries

Maintained / Non-Maintained

NANO LED is a simple Led emergency lighting fixture. Available in non-maintained version; it is maintenance-free. It is an ideal solution for residential settings.

INSTALLATION VERSATILITY It can recessed in the false ceiling through a 35 mm diameter hole; the spotlight and the battery attach to each other via a quick coupling fitting. It is almost invisible in recharge stand-by conditions.

SMALL AND BRIGHT Through the symmetrical optics, NANO LED emits a bright flux ideal for installation heights up to 6 m. It is the ideal solution for residential settings.

EFFICIENT AND LONG-LASTING It guarantees autonomy of 3 h after recharge of 12 h. Duration of the Led is 50,000 operating hours. It operates at at temperature from 0C to +40C

Duration: 3h

Type: N/M Functions

Standard Compliant to the norms: EN 55015; EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 61000-3-2;EN 61000-3-3; EN 61347-1; EN 61347-2-7; EN 61547; EN 62031; EN 62471


Nano LED Emergency Luminaire Dimensions

Dimensions: Dia: 43mm, L: 25mm / Dia: 30mm, L: 180mm

Product Code   Description   Duration   Lumens
NL03N30EBS   Non-Maintained   3 Hours   130lm




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Specification Sheets, Manuals, IES & LDT Files available upon request





Nano LED Emergency Lighting Luminaire