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QUBE - Emergency Exit Sign

Maintained - Visual Range 26m - 44m

QUBE is the new signal luminaire in our range. Cubic, it has pictograms and is the ideal solution for correct identification of the exit routes and anti-panic areas. Available with large visual ranges from 26m - 44m. an ideal solution for large open ares such as airports, train stations, concert halls and theaters.

Compliant to the norms: EN 1838; EN 55015; EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 61000-3-2;EN 61000-3-3; EN 61547; EN 7010

IP32, IP43




QUBE LED Dimensions

Dimensions (44M): A:250mm, B:270mm

Dimensions (26M): A:175mm, B:175mm


Product Code   Description   Duration   Lamp Type
QU26N30ABST   Maintained (26M)   3 Hours   LED
QU44N30ABST   Maintained (44M)   3 Hours   LED
QU26N30EBST   Non-Maintained* (26M)   3 Hours   LED
QU44N30EBST   Non-Maintained* (44M)   3 Hours   LED
* please check your region if Non-Maintained signage is compliant to standards


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Specification Sheets, Manuals, IES & LDT Files available upon request





Qube Emergency Exit Sign