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VIALED Plus Emergency Lighting Luminaries


Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Optics in each pack

VIALED PLUS was created in particular to light exit routes and anti-panic areas, using a minimalist design that is not obtrusive from a visual point of view. It has an interchangeable symmetrical and asymmetrical lens and has high lighting performance.

The metal ring available in either white or gray helps to minimize the visual impact.

Fitted as standard lens symmetric and asymmetric, owns lighting performance in their class that make it the perfect choice to illuminate escape route and anti-panic areas.

Installed both in false suspended ceilings, and ceiling using the appropriate accessory.

Compliant to the norms: EN 55015; EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 61000-3-2; EN610003-3; EN 61347-1; EN 61347-2-7; EN 61547; EN 62031; EN 62471



Vialed PLUS Emergency Luminaire Dimensions

Dimensions: Dia: 85mm, L182mm / 297mm


Product Code   Description   Duration   Lamp / Colour
VS03N30EBR   Non-Maintained   3 Hours   3W / White
VS03N30EGR   Non-Maintained   3 Hours   3W / Grey


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Specification Sheets, Manuals, IES & LDT Files available upon request





Vialed PLUS Optic Emergency Lighting Luminaire